PRO Toolbox XL

The PRO Toolbox XL comes with a similar amount of tools as the Birzman kit but with an even larger assortment of functions. Surprisingly it has neither an 8 or 10 mm open-end wrench nor a chain gauge, but making up for this is a set of cone wrenches, a large file, a 24/28 open-end wrench, a side cutter and even a simple bottom bracket press tool. The quality of the tools is not the best, but still perfectly acceptable with a homogenous and decent finish. As with the Birzman kit, also PRO’s BB tool struggles to reach over some types of axles when trying to release the centerlock ring.

The actual case is tough and locks with four quick-release buckles. Inside the case all tools are neatly organised but unfortunately the anchoring system is very basic. The clamping force is different from tool to tool. Some of them can only be removed with a great deal of force or are difficult to put back into place after use. A basic thin foam rectangle serves as a separating mat. If you’re looking for a tool box to use sporadically but want to maximise your tool choice, the PRO should be a good option for you.

  • Maximum range of tool functions
  • Weaknesses
  • Quality not at the same level with the test field
  • Tool anchoring is uncomfortable

  • Weight 7.92 kg Price € 349.95 For more info head to: