BBB Allroundkit BTL-91

At first glance the case of the BTL-91 kit might look cheap and slightly oversized. But once you open it you’ll be surprised by the high quality of the foam insert. All tools are neatly arranged and there is also an extra compartment for additional tools; you’ll probably need this because the tool assortment itself is rather poor. There is no bottom bracket tool nor any sort of screw driver; The smallest Allen key comes in a size 4 and the smallest available Torx is a T25. Except for a chain gauge there’s nothing from our “nice to have list” either.

Having said that we can’t really complain about the quality of the tools and the price tag of € 200 makes the BTL-9 the cheapest tool-kit in our test. It’s up to you to decide whether the price/performance ratio is enough to convince you.

Update: A little too late for our review unfortunately, BBB released the improved 2018 model BTL-91. Instead of two separate cassette removal tools, they’ve replaced them with a socket wrench and two nuts (cassette tool, 8 mm Allen key), the chain gauge has been revised and the 3-way Allen key as well as the two 8- and 10-mm Allen keys have been replaced by a complete set (1.5-10 mm). Although the bottom bracket tool is still missing, at least one critical gap has been filled this way. Unfortunately, the kit is now short one tire lever as well, but at least the new version of the BTL-91 is € 10 cheaper. So if you’re interested in this tool kit, you may have the option between two versions of this kit for a bit – depending on your dealers stock status.

  • Room for more tools
  • Good, clear insert
  • Weaknesses
  • Limited assortment
  • No BB tool
  • No Allen key smaller than size 4 (solved with the 2018 model)
  • The case is rather cheap

  • Weight 4.25 kg Price € 199.95/€ 189.95 (Modell 2018) For more info head to: