Lezyne Port-a-Shop Pro

We were really torn with the Lezyne Port-a-Shop Pro. With partly machined, polished metal and stylish robust wooden handles the bigger tools certainly look the part. Unfortunately the chrome coating on the extremities of the 3-way keys isn’t as robust as the actual keys. Also, our test case came from a batch with the inserts glued the wrong way round, but according to Lezyne this issue has now been addressed. All tools sit tight inside the rigid foam mould, only the cut-outs for the 6 mm and 8 mm wrench weren’t milled accurately; this makes one end of the wrench stick out and you have to press the tool sideways to properly seat it in.

A clever highlight and unique feature is the CNC-Rod system; the bottom bracket /cassette lockring tools are held in place by a huge external hexagon wrench. This system works well with centerlock-rings as the axle-pin can easily reach through the hollow nuts. Lezyne generously equipped the Port-a-Shop Pro case with hex- and torx-keys but struggled to complete our mandatory-tool list and totally failed on our “nice to have” list. We understand that this might be due to the fact that Lezyne’s product range doesn’t actually include any more tools than the ones that are already in the kit. This kit is just too limited to be used as a mobile workshop unless you have the extra budget to complete it with additional tools. We see it more as a solid basis for a home workshop which is also aesthetically pleasant.

  • Both Hex and Torx in star and L-key options
  • Room for additional tools
  • Clever CNC-Rod System
  • Looks good, feels good
  • Weaknesses
  • Mandatory tools are missing (screwdriver, cable cutter, chain tool)
  • Smallest selection (in terms of function) in our test, no additional tools

  • Weight 5.30 kg Price € 299.95 For more info head to: lezyne.com