Teravail is a small American tire manufacturer, a real underdog compared to tire giants like MAXXIS and Michelin. Founded in 2015, they are looking to secure a position in the European market, introducing a total of eight mtb-specific tires.

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Teravail offer two different casings for trail and enduro riding, called Durable and Ultra Durable. Most of the tires come with a choice of casing, but some of the less aggressive tread patterns are limited to the lighter Durable casign, which is more trail-focused. The optional tan wall feature with a beige sidewall doesn’t affect performance on the trail.


The lighter of the two options is based on a single ply construction with 60 TPI material. A double nylon layer under the tread helps reinforce the tire, protecting against punctures and impacts.

Ultra Durable

While also based on a single-ply construction with 60 TPI material, the Ultra Durable casing employs a double nylon layer under the tread, along with an additional 120 TPI layer and Apex inserts in the sidewalls. This should help prevent punctures and pinch flats, and also provide more support during hard cornering.

Rubber compounds

Teravail offer two rubber compounds for their tires, with the Fast Compound and Grip Compound names clearly defining their designation and range of application.


The clue’s in the name: the Fast Compound employs a relatively hard rubber compound on the tread, which should significantly reduce rolling resistance while also reducing wear. As a result, the Fast Compound is a particularly good option for the rear tire.


Once again, the name reveals the intended use. No matter what surprises the trail may have in store for you, Teravail’s soft rubber compound generates sufficient traction and grip on dry hardpack, loose loam and mud and at the same time doesn’t wear excessively fast, proving to be extremely durable.


treat pattern

With its beefy tread pattern and massive side knobs, the Kessel is the tire for the rough stuff, generating good traction on dry hardpack as well as mud and sticky clay. Even when pushed to the limit, it has a very progressive and predictable breakaway point, making it easy to catch the wheel again before it begins to slide. The reinforced Ultra Durable casing provides enough feedback from the ground along with sufficient damping on jumps and edges to support an active riding style, making it a strong all-rounder.

For more information head to teravail.com

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Here you’ll find everything you need about mtb tires: The Best Mountain Bike Tire – We had them all!

All the models in test

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