The new NS SNABB Plus 1 goes for € 4,199.

Just when you thought you’ve made sense of all the wheel size madness, NS BIKES comes and stirs things up. No, they have not introduced 28.3″, but calling their 29er model “Plus“ is a little confusing, to be honest. If you take a closer look at the details, however, the SNABB 150 Plus is a 29er bike with a 160 mm of travel in the front and 150 mm at the rear, which should be a lot of fun on the downhills. The exact geometry is not yet known. Two options are planned: a high-priced version, which is available for € 4,199. It has a FOX trunnion mount shock, a FOX fork and a Shimano XT drivetrain. The SNABB 150 Plus 2 goes for € 3,999.

The SNABB Plus 1 has 160 mm travel in the front and 150 mm in the rear. Coupled with big 29″ wheels means one thing: a lot of high-speed fun!

For more information head to nsbikes.com