Liteville 301 Mk14

The new Mk14 with a scaled rear end for consistent performance – seen here in a sexy custom blue.

The 14th iteration of the 301 is coming, and doing so in leaps and bounds – according to Liteville this will be the largest developmental jump to date. Apart from minor updates such as a large service port on the bottom of the down tube, improved internal cable routing with guide pulleys in the chain stays, there are, of course, updates to suit new standards, such as the metric trunnion mount RockShox Deluxe RT shock, fittings to accommodate the Eightpins dropper post and new swingarm linkages. The suspension linkage now has a lower leverage ratio for the frame sizes M-XL, which allows for less psi in the shock. However, since riders who use XS and S-frames are typically lighter, Liteville have kept to the previous linkage and leverage ratio for these sizes.

For the revised scaled sizing concept, the entire rear end was redesigned – especially the yoke.
Simplified for laymen: the biggest changes were clearly marked.

During this update, Liteville has concentrated its efforts mainly on the rear end. In addition to the already existing scaled sizing concept, the Mk14 will now have its own, ideal rear triangle length (scaled rear end) in all six frame sizes. This also adds clearance for large wheels and wide tires in small frame sizes without compromising the handling characteristics, i.e. all frame sizes should handle the same. An XXL and an S-frame with the same rear construction will hardly behave the same way. So Liteville made it possible by displacing the bearing mount outward with a recess between them, as well as a complete redesign of the yoke, i.e. the transition of the chain stays to the bottom bracket. The seat tube also moves further forward to free up space for the rear wheel as it moves through the travel. So there is enough room for a 27.5" by 2.6" wide tire in frame size S. To maintain the seat tube angle and still offer a comfortable riding position, the rigid Syntace seat posts or Eightpins dropper posts Liteville uses come with an increased setback. Using a different seat post will simply put you in a more forward riding position – which is not necessarily a disadvantage.

The new service port on the lower tube for seat post and cable.
Up-to- date: metric RockShox Deluxe RT3 shock with trunnion mount and adapted linkage for lower air pressures in the frame sizes M-XXL.

The 301 Mk14 will still be available as a frame set with shock and headset for € 2,280 or in two complete bike versions for € 5,640 each with various upgrade options.

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