Yeti SB6C Team Replica

For € 10,990 you can look like Richie Rude, but can you win an EWS?

Richie Rude is an animal, a force of nature that produces more watts than a nuclear power station. While you may not have the skill, legs or lungs of Richie Rude you can at least ride the same bike as him. The Yeti SB6C Team Replica is a celebration of Richie’s amazing success in the EWS over the last two seasons, and now that FOX have allowed the public to buy the previously ‘team only’ orange 36 Factory Float forks, everyone can look like a pro. The Team Replica mirrors Richies bike, boasting a full Shimano XTR drivetrain, increased fork travel to 170 mm and the incredible FOX X2 rear shock. The geometry is unchanged with 442 mm chainstays and a reach of 447 mm in the large, although the longer fork slackens out the stock 65.5° head angle a wee bit. Let’s face it, this bike was never going to be cheap, and indeed the €10,990 price tag is eye-watering, however only 125 will be made, a future classic for sure.

The Yeti SB6c Team Replica is almost too nice to ride, almost.
FOX have now opened up the orange team issue fork colour to the public, now everyone can look like a pro.
Yeti’s racing pedigree is unquestioned, when it comes to high performance bikes, Yeti are the ones to beat.

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