Sweet Protection Bushwhacker MIPS

Sweet Protection Bushwhacker MIPS | € 199.00 | 382 g (M/L) | 3 sizes

Hailing from Norway, Sweet Protection have propelled the Bushwhacker MIPS onto the scene, where it’s already winning acclaim with its high-quality production and striking design. There’s a plastic shell that encircles the lowest band on the helmet, which is proof of its high quality and precision. The adjuster dial is pretty small, but it’s still comfortable to twist and creates a good fit. The padding is sparse, which led a few testers to be quite vocal about the lack of comfort in certain places. The padding doesn’t run around the entire forehead, which is basically good for ventilation, but almost funnels sweat into your eyes. The visor is non-adjustable, but doesn’t negatively impact your vision. Unfortunately, this Sweet Protection lid only has limited compatibility with glasses, as there’s a battle for space behind the ears. As the front drops down quite low, not all glasses will be a good partner for this lid. But here’s the good news, Sweet Protection have already announced the updated Bushwhacker II that addresses these issues and will be available from March 2017.

It might look damn good and have great adjustment, but the Sweet Protection Bushwhacker MIPS is unlikely to be a one-lid-for-all – lucky ones could find a great fit and good pairing with glasses, but it’ll be worth checking first. The successor is almost ready to hit the shelves, so you should consider waiting a few weeks for the improved Bushwhacker II.

For more info on the Bushwhacker, head to the Sweet Protection website.