Specialized Ambush

Specialized Ambush | € 159.90 | 295 g (M) | 3 sizes

For years we’ve watched Specialized demonstrate just how well they can design bikes, accessories, and equipment. The Ambush rocked up as the second-lightest helmet on test and still manages to offer great coverage at the rear. The four-point system with non-moveable straps looks very clean, but doesn’t offer much adjustment. It boasts a patented Multi-Density EPS construction and an integrated aramid reinforcement shell which claims to dissipate linear and rotational forces (even without MIPS). It’s a claim that hasn’t been fully put to the test. The huge visor is super-easy to adjust and therefore never in the way. The Ambush is really light, and that’s largely due to its delicate adjuster, which sees the dial integrated into the helmet’s shell. The padding is fairly minimal, and some riders complained that it dug into their heads in places.

Its low weight, great coverage, and good ventilation rake in the plus points for the Specialized Ambush. Given its limited adjustment options, however, the Ambush is a lid that you’ll need to try before you buy.

For more info on the Ambush, head to the Specialized website.