Troy Lee Designs A1 MIPS Drone

Troy Lee Designs A1 MIPS Drone | € 212.49 | 390 g (M/L) | 3 sizes

Since its launch three years ago, the Troy Lee Designs A1 has been a staple on the trails with its love/hate unique style. It’s one of the heaviest lids around and tips the scales at 390 g, but it has such an excellent fit and comfort that the weight is not an issue. You’ll sweat quite a lot on hot summer days, but the antimicrobial pads do their bit to soak it up – and fortunately the pads are super-easy to take out, wash, and change when necessary.

The three-point system is really easy to adjust, as the side strap-length adjusters are really simple and the angle of the straps is great. The adjuster dial and three settings for the height are really well-manufactured, and obviously help how well the A1 sits on your head. The visor is stable and pretty big, so it complements an aggressive riding style on more rugged terrain – and this goes hand in hand with its great goggle compatibility. The Troy Lee A1 demonstrates superb production, and there’s no EPS foam visible. We were testing the Drone version with its stealth-bomber look, but – true to Troy Lee style – the A1 MIPS comes in all manner of colourways.

Granting great comfort and a striking design, the super well-made Troy Lee A1 MIPS Drone is one of the most popular helmets amongst the ENDURO editorial office. Its predecessor has already proven its worth on long-term test, demonstrating almost incomparable durability, which means long-term fun. The brilliant lid suffers a little at the hands of its weight and ventilation.

For more info on the A1 MIPS Drone, head to the Troy Lee Designs website.