Lazer Revolution MIPS

Lazer Revolution MIPS | € 189.99 | 466 g (M) | 3 sizes

The Lazer Revolution MIPS has raised itself above the masses thanks to certain distinctive features – particularly its removable ear protector. If you don’t fancy looking like Top Gun’s Maverick then leave it in the box – you’ll only lose it anyway, as the click fastening to the helmet is pretty loose. Minus this optional part, the beefy-looking helmet is not bad, although it is the heaviest lid on test and every gram is visible. It fits well and it’s comfortable, with easy adjustment for the four-point strap; the padding also stretches well into the rear of the helmet so that the back of your head is nice and comfortable. The big visor is easy to adjust, and you can mount a POV camera or headlamp without a problem on the ‘Safety Mounting System.’ A lot of the test riders struggled to wear their favourite sunglasses comfortably when they had the lid on, so this marks the helmet down.

The Lazer Revolution MIPS is comfortable, high quality, and capable of plummeting down trails. If you can overlook its weight and bulky look, then the Lazer is a decent and stable option – but try it with your sunglasses first.

For more info on the Revolution MIPS, head to the Lazer website.