POC Tectal Race

POC Tectal Race | € 220.00 | 337 g (M/L) | 3 sizes

It’s no secret that Swedes understand design, and the POC Tectal Race is testament to this. Cashing in at € 220, this lid is the best-ventilated on test with deep air channels, and its clean, shiny finish is definitely striking. There’s a four-point strap system and you can alter the lengths of the cheek straps, although the chinstrap is fixed. Everyone (with the right shape head for this POC) can hit the trails in the safe and smug knowledge that they look DAMN good. The stable visor is best adjusted when the helmet isn’t on your head, but it stays secure when you ride. The Tectal Race is compatible with goggles, and there’s even a goggle clip at the rear to stop the strap from slipping. The adjuster dial is stable, and there are three robust height settings. Its EPS foam is hard to see from the outside, and almost the entire shell is covered with plastic.

A real style statement, the POC Tectal Race is definitely worth trying before buying due to the slightly odd straps. Hurray for you if it fits! Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be putty in its hands – but you’ll have to dig deep into your pockets for this luxury lid.

For more info on the Tectal Race, head to the POC Sports website.