SCOTT Stego | € 179.95 | 332 g (M) | 3 sizes

Proof that MIPS doesn’t automatically result in heaviness, the SCOTT Stego actually manages to scrape in as one of the lightest lids on test despite its safety-conscious nature. The straps on the four-point system are adjustable and there’s a minimal design closing system at the back of the head that does its duty brilliantly. Fresh wind caresses your head thanks to the wisely designed air vents, and there’s no hampering to your vision with the short visor. The SCOTT Stego demonstrates exemplary production, and the EPS foam is basically entirely covered up. In terms of comfort, the Stego’s low weight has its drawbacks: a few test riders complained about uncomfy pressure points on the backs of their heads.

Almost coming away scot-free, the SCOTT Stego comes highly recommended as a really decent all-rounder with good ventilation and a low weight. The scant padding means it’s a good idea to check the fit of the helmet before buying.

For more info on the Stego, head to the SCOTT website.