Uvex Finale

Uvex Finale | € 109.95 | 337 g (56–61) | 2 sizes

Uvex contributed this group test’s most price-point helmet in the form of the Finale, and the brand are clearly stoked to display its ‘Made in Germany’ stamp – after all, most of the competition is produced in Asia. A classic three-point system, the strap is cleverly guided through the retention system and has internal fastenings so it sits firmly on your head. It’s mega-adjustable, so this Uvex lid has the potential to fit a mass of riders. The Finale has a one-handed Monomatic closing buckle, which you’ll grow to love. The plastic shell doesn’t hide the EPS foam completely (the bit above the forehead is still partially visible), but it’s not really a concern. The mesh net is unlikely to be deemed a style highlight, but it serves its purpose well. The lack of adjustability with the visor is a genuine complaint, as it impeded vision for some riders – so it’ll be worth checking out when you try the helmet.

The Uvex Finale delivers high performance with comfort and outstanding adjustability. An affordable all-rounder that serves up good value for money, the Finale is definitely worth considering, but its rigid visor means you should check your field of view before you buy.

For more info on the Finale, head to the Uvex website.