POC Resistance Pro Enduro

While some of the other jackets in this test boast a multisports fit, the POC Resistance Pro Enduro is a no-nonsense, performance bike fit. The long arms and back provide great coverage when smashing turns in the slop, and the minimalist design has everything you need with no flapping or baggy material. The 3-layer fabric has a low 5000 mm waterproof rating, but a very impressive DWR coating which beaded rain well, even after a number of washes. For those who like to take interesting lines, the sleeves are covered with Vectran which, in our experience, has proven to be near indestructible. The collar is brushed on the inside for comfort.

The lack of hood and low waterproof rating puts the Resistance Pro into the ‘fast and dirty’ category and you would not want to be stuck on a mountain side for a day in one, but for the sort of high-intensity riding we all love in the winter, the jacket is near perfect. The POC Resistance Pro jacket is a very high performance jacket, made for a purpose, but it does carry a very high price to match.

The POC Resistance Pro Enduro is the most ‘performance focussed’ jacket in this test and as such carries an extremely high price tag. However, the bombproof Vectran coating on the sleeves should keep your investment looking good for longer.

Weight: 530 g
Price: € 350