Eurobike 2018 News

The hottest new Trail and Enduro Bikes – that you won’t see at EUROBIKE

Propain Hugene

When the Propain Hugene first arrived at our headquarters we were amazed by how little it had in common with the popular Tyee model. The rear shock doesn’t sit behind the seat tube as is does on most Propain bikes; to make room for the big 29″ wheels the engineers moved it to the front triangle of the frame. The new look is captivating and the details of the carbon frame are lovingly resolved.

On the trail the Hugene convinced us with its lively handling. Despite the large wheels and 140 mm travel the bike feels very playful and manoeuvrable. The new frame represents the optimal base for a made to measure trail bike. The Propain configurator allows you to select and adapt the spec of the bike to your very own preferences — and the whole thing without breaking the bank.

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