Eurobike 2018 News

The hottest new Trail and Enduro Bikes – that you won’t see at EUROBIKE

RAAW Madonna

The first release of the new German RAAW brand has caused a stir. The Madonna wants to do many things differently and deviate from what established manufacturers are currently doing. So instead of focusing on lightweight construction and marketing the people at RAAW are obsessed with riding performance, durability and clever detail solutions. “Long and flat” is nothing new but the straight 29 mm aluminium frame with its extremely steep seat angle of 78.2° has still got an ace up its sleeve; this ensures an extremely comfortable riding position on climbs.

Once you point its nose downhill the 160 mm suspension setup impresses with a sensitive response and incredible amounts of traction — the RAAW feels at home on high-speed sections. Large bearings with additional seals allow for long carefree riding and the clean frame design keeps dirt and mud away. If you are looking for a rowdy shredding machine for the most demanding scenarios you should take a closer look at the RAAW Madonna.

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