Eurobike 2018 News

The hottest new Trail and Enduro Bikes – that you won’t see at EUROBIKE

YT Capra

Since the launch of the first Capra model four years ago YT has experienced unprecedented success — hardly any other brand has had such high demand. And now the popular brand from Forchheim has introduced their new star the new Capra — actually two new Capras. This means you can now get YT’s enduro bike with both 27.5″ and 29″ wheels. At first glance the silhouette of the Capra has hardly changed but once you get closer you’ll notice the new look and the numerous improvements.

With 160 mm to 180 mm of travel and a number of uncompromising features the Capra feels just as comfortable on rough terrain as it does on big jumps at the bike park. Even uphill the Capra shows no weakness and climbs incredibly well for a bike in its category. This alone would be more than enough but if you include the attractive price/performance ratio on top of that the Capra is pretty hard to beat.

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