Eurobike 2018 News

The hottest new Trail and Enduro Bikes – that you won’t see at EUROBIKE

With an imminent appointment scheduled for July the EUROBIKE 2018 edition wants to break new ground and introduce an entirely new concept. But over the last few years many important players turned their back on the world’s largest bike trade-fair and opted for in-house exhibitions and presentations instead. We will show you the most important trail and enduro bike novelties that WON’T be on display at EUROBIKE this year.

Specialized Stumpjumper

There’s this thing going on with legendary brands and products; After a few years many of them end up living in their own shadow relying on the glamour of the past rather than actively working on the future of performance. And that’s exactly what’s NOT happening with the Specialized Stumpjumper. Even if we forgot about its legendary status of the “world’s first production MTB” the new Stumpjumper would deserve a place in our list after the latest update. To put it simply it’s one of the best all-rounders currently available on the market. Specialized’s new trail bike features an asymmetrical frame and sports a completely new look but still maintains its trademark character.

The newly developed frame convinced us with many loving details such as the improved SWAT door in the down tube, the clever cable routing and the classy integrated mini-tool. On the trail the new Stumpjumper rides better than ever and proves what a modern trailbike is capable of. If you don’t like the normal Stumpjumper you should check out the ST short-travel version or the EVO-model which features a radical geometry. The Stumpjumper family has grown considerably and covers a vast range of applications.

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